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Karaoke Contest

Deadline for online registeration: 

When: Keep checking back for the next contest date

Where: 110 S. Bickford Ave., El Reno, OK

Cost: $20 (solo) or $25 (group) nonrefundable registration fee (If ERCT has to cancel due to lack of bands or if it has to be cancelled due to government recommendations registration fees will be refunded)

Age: There is no minimum age to participate.

Prizes:  1st place: $100; 2nd place: $50; 3rd place: $25

How to Enter: After reading all of the information below, please submit the completed form. A PayPal invoice will be emailed to you for the $20 entry fee.  You will not be considered a participant until the entry fee is received.  If you choose to register on the day of the event, the registration fee will be $25.

  1. The contest will take place in three rounds, with the highest scorers of the first round moving to the second round. The high scorers will then move on to the final round. The number of contestants to move to the final round will be left to the judges’ discretion. 

  2. Only two microphones will be available for the contestants’ use. Please keep this in mind when planning a group performance.

  3. Contestants may either participate as a Solo Entry (one person) or a Group Entry (2-5).

  4. Contestants may only compete once in the contest. When competing as a Group Entry, all members of the group must sing during each round. Group members may not rotate or change between rounds.

  5. Contestants are asked to prepare three songs for the first round, one song for the second round, and one song for the final round. Songs may be performed with a backing track, but can also be sung a cappella. We will make every effort to have the song tracks for the contestant's songs, however, we ask that the contestant makes sure it's available on YouTube in case it's needed. Contestants may register online in advance ($20) or at the event ($25).  

  6. Contestants must use a karaoke version or instrumental version of a song. 

  7. Contestants  must sing songs of three different genres for the first round.  The songs for the second and third rounds can be from the genre of the contestant's choosing.

  8. It is acceptable to use a printed lyrics sheet during your performance, however if the contestant seems to be distracted by the lyrics sheet or spends too much time reading it, this could negatively affect their score. 

  9. During the performance, the contestant(s) will be the only one onstage. Backup dancers are not permitted.

  10. Contestants are not allowed to leave the stage or stage area during their performance—this includes singing or performing within the audience. This is for the sake of the equipment and everyone’s ears, so please keep this rule in mind. Contestants may also not interact with the judges or MC during their performance.

  11. Karaoke Contest staff will determine the order in which each contestant competes. Staff will make every attempt to honor requests from contestants as to when they perform in the contest, but there are no guarantees these requests can be granted. All contestants will be given a print-out of the order of performance upon arrival, but please keep in mind your turn may come up sooner if another contestant does not show (we will make all attempts to notify contestants of line-up changes prior to beginning).

  12. All performances must be family friendly and rated PG or less. El Reno Community Theatre reserves the right to stop a performance and disqualify an entrant if they feel the act has become inappropriate.

  13. All contestants must check in at the Karaoke Contest 30 minutes prior to event start time.

  14. At check-in time contestants will receive their contestant numbers. 

  15. Scoring — Contestants will be scored on the following criteria:

    • Vocal Ability 1-25 points

    • Stage Presence 1-25 points

    • Audience Interaction 1-25 points.

    • Overall Performance 1-25 points.

  16. Awards — The following awards will be given:

    • First Place $100

    • Second Place $50

    • Third Place $25


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